Lavina S7, planetary grinding and polishing machine L30GKS7

Lavina S7, planetary grinding and polishing machine

Lavina S7, planetary grinding and polishing machine
Index: L30GKS7
Status: Upon request
Net price: 23 804,63 EUR
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Technical data

Power (kw):17.9
Working width (mm):760
Motor type:Propane
Weight (kg):412
RPM heads rotation:450-765
Head diameter (mm):335
Number of heads:3
Working pressure (kg):166-250


The new line of Lavina S7 machines is the culmination of Superabrasive's many years of experience and knowledge of grinding, polishing and treating concrete and stone surfaces. Based on the opinions and experience of professional customers from around the world, Superabrasive systematically introduces innovative solutions in the production of machines. The Lavina S7 line of machines provides the operator with greater possibilities and very comfortable working conditions. The Lavina L30GKS7 is a powerful model designed for medium and larger projects. This model is a very good choice for any professional company.

All-new frame design better control, easier tool changes

  1. New weights for faster position change
  2. Redesigned frame allowing easier tool changes (head angle during tool changes is greatly improved, compared to Elite models)
  3. New handle design – faster adjustability, more positions
  4. Rubber bushing used at head attachment points - less vibrations for user
  5. Water tank cap
  6. Internal storage compartment

New sealed & dust-proof head longer service life, less maintenance

  1. Completely redesigned chain-driven planetary drive with no chain tensioner
  2. New stronger timing belt
  3. Upgraded shafts, seals and bearings
  4. New lighter timing pulleys for better power transmission

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