Lithium silicate is a chemical compound commonly used in the preparation of concrete floors - old ones during renovation as well as freshly poured new floors. Lithium silicate penetrates the top layer of the concrete floor and strengthens it.

This preparation has several important features that make it very useful for flooring work:

- Penetrates and strengthens concrete, leaving no top layer

- Makes the concrete floor dust-free

- Compacts the top layer of polished and unpolished concrete.

Lithium silicate penetrates up to 3 mm deep into the floor. The use of lithium silicate is recommended for every technology - from heavy grinding with heavy machines in the LAVINA FLOOR technology to renovation of the floor with a high-speed grinder in the Lavina ECO technology or with trowel operation in the Trowel Shine system.

It is also worth noting that liquids based on lithium silicate also have different concentrations.

ULTRALIT HARD STANDARD with 12% lithium silicate is a universal densifier that can be used in most situations. 

ULTRALIT HARD ECO 8% silicate is recommended for high-quality floors, which do not require much structural interference.

On the other hand, the most concentrated ULTRALIT HARD PREMIUM 18% should be used during the renovation of old, damaged floors, which require structural reinforcement.

Lithium silicate is extremely easy to use. Usually, it is recommended to spray the layer with a sprayer and then spread it evenly with a short-haired mop (so that it does not absorb too much liquid). If we see the need and we have doubts concerning the floor, this operation can be repeated.

In terms of performance, we usually get 15-20 square meters per liter of preparation on fresh concrete, in case of fresh floated concrete, the efficiency varies from 10 to 12 square meters per liter, and polished concrete is 20-30 square meters per liter. 

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