Amano Pioneer Eclipse

The Amano Pioneer Eclipse high speed single disc machines are quality all-purpose polishers required for the maintenance business as well as polished concrete flooring companies. This polishing machine is available in three diameters 21” (533mm), 24” (610mm) and 28” (711mm). The models we offer are equipped with a starter and clutch. A pad for the final concrete polishing is always sold with the machine. The polisher is equipped with a gas engine with a catalyst for indoor operation, runs on propane.

With a high speed of 2000 RPM, Pioneer Eclipse will quickly get the job done on concrete and stone floors, helping to improve the appearance of a new concrete floor. It is possible to perform very deep cleaning of floors using Suprashine diamond pads with or without water. If you polish concrete floors, Pioneer Eclipse will be required for the final polishing and troweling of the high gloss penetrating sealer. Some concrete sealers need to be slightly warmed up using a high speed machine and a Suprashine HP diamond pad.

In the US, Canada and Australia, such machines are actively used for daily cleaning of concrete floors. In Europe, such machines are more used during the restoration, final polishing and deep periodic cleaning.

When using the Pioneer Eclipse High Speed ​​Polisher, special attention must be paid to the correct choice of pads. Pads that are used on high-speed machines must exactly match the technical specifications. Both Suprashine diamond pads and horsehair diamond-free pads can be used.

For instance, when maintaining high gloss stone floors, an operator must be careful when using Suprashine 220, 400 and 800 grit and low grade diamond pads, as coarse diamond dust can damage the surface gloss and make the floor more matte.

Amano Pioneer Eclipse – is a professional polisher, an inexpensive and versatile machine for quick restoration and surface cleaning.