Suprashine diamond cleaning for industrial concrete floors is the most profitable solution for maintaining large warehouses, logistics complexes. Suprashine is a modern American technology that preserves and improves the quality of the concrete surface. In the US, where many polished and unpolished concrete floors are used, Suprashine is used by major cleaning companies. Today Suprashine technology is available in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

For daily cleaning use a Suprashine diamond pad + clean water, instead of the usual red or green chemical pad, it will save you a lot. At the same time, you DO NOT NEED TO BUY CHEMICALS for scrubbers.

Specialists in our company calculated the cleaning cost of 1 m2 of concrete floor in annual equivalent. These calculations used the data from several large cleaning companies in Poland using both systems.

Over the past year, diamond cleaning has been tested on 5 real objects. These were logistics warehouses with a surface area of ​​8,000 to 31,000 m2. During those tests, both remote large and heavy scrubbers and medium-sized scrubbers were used.

What financial benefits have customers gained using diamond cleaning? Let's try to compare the traditional system, which is currently used by 85-90% of the market, and modern diamond cleaning using Suprashine technologies.

Traditional concrete floor cleaning system (maintenance 1 time daily)

Area - 10 000 m2

The total cost of cleaning PAD WITHOUT DIAMONDS + CHEMICALS = PLN 100,300 per year

(Cleaning 1m2 per year = PLN 10.30)

American system of diamond cleaning Suprashine (daily maintenance 1 time)

Area - 10 000 m2

Total cost of cleaning DIAMOND PADS + PURE WATER = PLN 62,400 per year

(Diamond cleaning using Suprashine - per year 1m2 = PLN 6.24)

65% real cost savings! This should not be ignored!

We have used American methodologies in our calculations on industrial concrete floors in different parts of Poland. If you are interested in basic data calculation methods, please contact us. We will definitely explain you in details about our research and offer you a test.

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American Suprashine technology is suitable for maintenance of any floors. Not only polished and unpolished concrete can be maintained: tiles, floors made of artificial and natural stone, vinyl and polymer floors – they can all be successfully cleaned without chemicals.

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