Lavina machines and Superabrasive tools cover practically all customer needs when treating concrete floors. Lavina assortment includes products for stripping, grinding, honing, scratching, polishing and cleaning. Sometimes there is a project where you can comprehensively show the operation of diamond tools for grinding and polishing using the LAVINA FLOOR technology.

Our partner in Estonia, GoClean, undertook an investment in Berlin, where the client wanted to obtain a slight gloss on a concrete floor (450 square meters). The project was finished in 5 working days, using Lavina 25EU, Lavina 13EU and Lavina B36 GT-S machines

First, the floor was grinded with planetary machine using two grits (30 and 50) of diamond tools on a metal bond X2B-MC for medium-hard concrete.  

Then the floor was treated with 5 grits of Waffle (50,100,200,400,800) diamond polishing tools on a polymer bond.

Corners and hard-to-reach places were finished using hand grinders with ceramic tools TURBO CUP EDGE MASTER. In the difficult areas, where TURBO CUP EDGE MASTER could not be used, the contractor used 3ANG-EL - these are triangular diamond tools coated with a diamond layer that allow you to reach the corners.

Eventually, a final polishing using a V-Harr tool (grit 800) was performed.

In terms of chemicals, Ultralit Hard Standard (with a high content of lithium silicate (12%) was used to strengthen the floor, (application during polishing after 200 grit), and Ultralit Gloss Shield was used as the final impregnation. Ultralit Hard Standard strengthened the floor, while Ultralit Gloss Shield protected it against the ingress of liquids, dirt, etc. and the effect of previous work was recorded.      

After applying Ultralit Gloss Shield, buffing was done using Suprashine diamond pad (1800 grit) and Lavina B-36GT-S high-speed machine.        

The final effect satisfied the investor. The gloss effect could be described as SATIN + (as after polishing with 800 grit).   

We encourage you to check the photos below.

Polished concrete - it's a good business for everyone!