Ultralit Hard Fresh

Ultralit Hard Fresh is a colloidal silicate based product, which is primarily used for improving the plasticity of concrete when laying. For instance the contractor will be able to easily apply 5 kg of topping on 1m2, simply by adding a small amount of HARD FRESH instead of water under the power trowel while laying topping floors.  This product also works as a hardener surface, but the concrete itself has to be of a good quality.

After applying Ultralit Hard Fresh on a fresh concrete, and after the subsequent grouting, you will get a smooth, low-porous and extremely hard surface. The product significantly reduces the fresh concrete grouting time. Ultralit Hard Fresh can also be used for laying concrete floors without topping. Nowadays, the amount of concrete floors which are designed with topping is significantly decreasing in the EU countries.

Ultimately, topping is always the second layer which, for various reasons, can peel off or crack when drying out. Besides, the quality of topping directly depends on dozens of factors. A topping floor always requires additional time and human resources. Despite the low price of the topping itself, other factors make such floor expensive and unpredictable.
Less people are willing to take risks, and therefore a great deal of investors refuse topping floors in favor of regular rubbed concrete or polished concrete topped with penetrating lithium hardeners and sealers.

Today, the high quality of the leading concrete manufacturers in Europe allows the contractor to lay the concrete floor and simply trowel it with a modern "helicopter" without topping.
Ultralit Hard Fresh makes this process more efficient under any weather conditions. The average consumption, when laying fresh concrete is up to 120 grams per 1m2.
The product is applied by the operator (worker) under the "helicopter" (power trowel)
It is recommended to start applying Ultralit Hard Fresh under the discs, a small amount can also be applied under the blades when finishing grouting.

•    2 in 1: helps troweling and makes concrete hard at the same time
•    High active solids content: 25%
•    Active Content: 100% of total solids
•    Form: Milky liquid
•    Specific Gravity: 1.25
•    pH: 10
•    Freeze Point: 0°C
•    Flash Point: Non Flammable
•    “GREEN” and Planet Safe: water based
•    Shelf Life: 1 year in original, unopened package

•    2 in 1: finishing aid and hardening at the same time.
•    Lubricates the surface, making trowelling smooth without water spray.
•    Reduces a chance of dry shake delamination to minimum.
•    Reduces water evaporation rate (important for outdoor installation, hot or windy conditions).
•    Increases the lifetime of floats and discs on the trowels.
•    Increases abrasion resistance by up to 32%.
•    Does not contribute to surface ASR or promote crazing, reduces plastic shrinkage.
•    Improves stain and water resistance of casted concrete.
•    No need to apply any other densifier afterwards, cost effective solution.
•    “GREEN” and Planet Safe, water based.