Ultralit Hard Cure - New sealing agent for fresh concrete

Ultralit Hard Cure is a lithium-based agent, containing 17.5% of solids, being a hardener for fresh and old concrete.

Polymers, which contain hardener, help protect the surface against loss of moisture and soiling. Ultralit Hard Cure should be applied by spraying in a single layer and the amount sufficient to completely cover the surface to be sealed. Then leave to dry, which usually takes 10-30 minutes. Ultralit Hard Cure will perform perfectly on fresh, but also older concrete floors, on which it can be used as a finishing product.

Consumption rate of Ultralit Hard Cure fresh poured concrete (12-48 hours after pouring) is 70-130mL per m2. Old concrete requires slightly more agent, about 100-200mL per m2, and for polished concrete these proportions are much less, so 50-100mL per m2.