Polishing with the use of a trowel is a more and more popular method to obtain polished concrete. An advantage of such solution is without any doubt the pace of completion of works.

Polishing an area of 1000m2 in a day, means nothing at all for an experienced operator of a double-disc trowel. Why does the Trowel Shine technology stand out ? Most of all, unlike other trowel systems, this technology uses rotating heads, which allow for even and much more efficient operation of tools. Also the Trowel Shine technology uses Superabrasive tools with diamond bonds. Finally, the Trowel Shine system means the lowest unit cost of polishing per 1sqm, which allows obtaining real profits for Contractors and savings for Investor.

What do you need to start polishing with use of Trowel Shine system? First of all start by determining the size of disc which you use in your trowel, and then specify your needs as far as the surface you are going to grind are concerned. On smaller areas a perfect solution would be systems without moving heads, with tool mounting with Velcro fastener or in QuickChange system. For a larger project, or if more powerful grinding is needed, choose a system based on moving heads and Superabrasive QuickChange mounts. Such system, being one of a kind, allows for the most perfect grinding and polishing with use of a trowel.