Shine Pro cleaning pads with microdiamonds

Shine Pro Cleaning Pads with microdiamond. Shine Pro cleaning pads with microdiaments are the best way to effectively clean the floor in industrial facilities, shopping malls and supermarkets. They are used as an alternative to aggressive chemicals and normal pads. Water with diamond cleaning pads is enough to effectively remove dirt from even the most porous surfaces (stone, concrete, polished concrete, polymer floors). Microdiament cleaning pads are available in sizes from 7 to 27 inches and five grades 220, 400, 800, 1800 and 8500 (buff). Grades 220 and 400, the most aggressive in cleaning, are recommended only for smooth, glossy surfaces. 800 and 1800 pads, moderately aggressive, also deep cleaning pads and 8500 (buff) pads for gentle, daily floor refreshment. Diamond Pads of any gradation are perfect for all types cleaning machines. Durability of diamond pads depends on the porosity of the surface. The greater the porosity, the shorter the life of the microdiament pads. The best performance is obtained on even and hard surfaces.