The technology of polished concrete, so stripping, grinding and polishing the floor, requires qualifications and skills, but most of all adequate machines and tools. New Lavina Elite grinding machines is a wide range of machines for polishing concrete in versions with and without a remote control.

These machines have a number of new solutions and enhanced technologies compared to the X-series, which improve work comfort and efficiency. The Elite series is among others a new dust suppression system with high-pressure spray nozzles, new integrated weights mounted on machines, LED diodes for floor monitoring, ergonomic handle, control panel with phone holder and two USB ports.

The Elite machines are by far heavier than other models, which means they produce the highest working pressure. Lavina 32REU, Lavina 25REU are models provided with remote control. Lavina 14EU, Lavina 16EU, Lavina 20EU, Lavina 25EU are manually-controlled machines. Each subsequent model differs in size of head, number of holders for Superabrasive tools, working diameter, weight, or engine power. Large number of various machines allows for a perfect selection according to any work type, area to be ground, and even type and technical condition of the polished concrete.