Bush-Hammer - Bush Hammering with rotary machine

Lavina not only means stripping and polishing concrete surfaces, but also a well-proven solution for bush hammering of floors with use of Bush Hammer tools by Superabrasive.  Any rotary machine will be just fine to install Bush Hammer tools and turn it into equipment for bush hammering of concrete surfaces.  What is the purpose of bush hammering?

First of all, to produce a rough, anti-slippery surface, or be a part of preparation of a floor for application of epoxy resin. Bush Hammer tools go perfectly with light and medium Lavina machines, which means they will cooperate with L14EU, L16EU, L20EU and L25EU machines.

Also Bush Hammer tools can be mounted on machines other than Lavina brand, with Blastrac, HTC, Husqvarna, Schwamborn, Scanmskin adapters, which makes them unique in the market of tools for bush hammering.