Power Trowel blades 600mm 1 pc (4 pcs set) SBC4759M105

Power Trowel blades 600mm 1 pc (4 pcs set)

Power Trowel blades 600mm 1 pc (4 pcs set)
Index: SBC4759M105
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Dimensions: 120mm/215mm/2.6mm 

M8 mounting

Lavina Superabrasive blades. Trowel blades from the American company Superabrasive are the latest product made of the highest quality Blue Steel steel, intended for the American and European markets. Blue Steel is definitely more resistant to abrasion (service life confirmed by tests is +34% longer than steels currently used of the same metal thickness), it is more flexible and elastic than standard blades for troweling fresh concrete. Using blades made of this steel, you can trowel the concrete surface quickly and effectively and with much better quality. Blades made of Blue Steel are recommended for medium and larger trowels.

Superabrasive blades are intended for contractors who want to significantly shorten the time of troweling concrete and extend the life of parts. The blades fit all types of trowels and are sold as a set - 4 pieces in a package. Price for 1 pc.